Kintyre’s Splunk CONFiguration tool

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Welcome to KSCONF 0.6


This utility handles a number of common Splunk app maintenance tasks surrounding the management of .conf files. Specifically, this tools deals with many of the nuances with storing Splunk apps in a version control system like git and pointing live Splunk apps to a working tree, merging changes from the live system’s (local) folder to the version controlled (default) folder, and dealing with more than one layer of “default” (which Splunk can’t handle natively).


Ksconf can be directly installed as a Python (via pip) or as a Splunk app. The python package approach has been the traditional option, but for many reasons isn’t always easy for non-python developers so we’ve added the Splunk app option to make things easier


What’s the difference? At this time the Splunk app approach should still be considered a “preview” feature. But this is purely a question of distribution; the content and functionality is exactly the same no matter how you choose to install ksconf.

To install as a python package, run the following:

pip install kintyre-splunk-conf

If you’d like to install via the Splunk app, download the latest ksconf-app_for_splunk-ver.tgz file from the GitHub releases page and install it into Splunk. Then, run the one-time registration command to make ksconf executable:

splunk cmd python $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/ksconf/bin/

This will add ksconf to Splunk’s bin folder, thus making it executable either as ksconf or worse case splunk cmd ksconf. (If you can run splunk without giving it a path, then ksconf should work too. At some point we may add an option for you to do this setup step from the UI.

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