KSCONF: Ksconf Splunk CONFig tool

This utility handles a number of common Splunk app maintenance tasks in a small and easy to deploy package. Specifically, this tool deals with many of the nuances with storing Splunk apps in git and pointing live Splunk apps to a git repository. Merging changes from the live system’s (local) folder to the version controlled (default) folder and dealing with more than one layer of “default” are all supported tasks which are not native to Splunk.

usage: ksconf [-h] [--version] [--force-color] [--disable-color]

Named Arguments


show program’s version number and exit


Force TTY color mode on. Useful if piping the output a color-aware pager, like ‘less -R’


Disable TTY color mode. This can also be setup as environmental variable: export KSCONF_TTY_COLOR=off