ksconf diff

Compares the content differences of two .conf files

This command ignores textual differences (like order, spacing, and comments) and focuses strictly on comparing stanzas, keys, and values. Note that spaces within any given value, will be compared. Multi-line fields are compared in a more traditional ‘diff’ output so that long saved searches and macros can be compared more easily.

usage: ksconf diff [-h] [-o FILE] [--detail {global,stanza,key}] [--comments]
                   [--format {diff,json}]
                   CONF1 CONF2

Positional Arguments


Left side of the comparison


Right side of the comparison

Named Arguments

-o, --output

File where difference is stored. Defaults to standard out.

--detail, -d

Possible choices: global, stanza, key

Control the highest level for which ‘replace’ events may occur.

--comments, -C

Enable comparison of comments. (Unlikely to work consistently)

--format, -f

Possible choices: diff, json

Output file format to produce. ‘diff’ the the classic format used by default. ‘json’ is helpful when trying to review changes programmatically.


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To use ksconf diff as an external diff tool, check out Ksconf as external difftool.