Developer setup

The following steps highlight the developer install process.


If you are a developer then we strongly suggest installing into a virtual environment to prevent overwriting the production version of ksconf and for the installation of the developer tools. (The virtualenv name ksconfdev-pyve is used below, but this can be whatever suites, just make sure not to commit it.)

# Setup and activate virtual environment
virtualenv ksconfdev-pyve
. ksconfdev-pyve/bin/activate

# Install developer packages
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Install ksconf

git clone
cd ksconf
pip install .

Building the docs

cd ksconf
. ksconfdev-pyve/bin/activate

cd docs
make html
open build/html/index.html

If you’d like to build PDF, then you’ll need some extra tools. On Mac, you may also want to install the following (for building docs, and the like):

brew install homebrew/cask/mactex-no-gui