ksconf package


ksconf.archive module


alias of ksconf.archive.GenericArchiveEntry

ksconf.archive.extract_archive(archive_name, extract_filter=None)
ksconf.archive.gen_arch_file_remapper(iterable, mapping)

ksconf.cli module

ksconf.consts module

Module contents

ksconf - Kintyre Splunk CONFig tool

Design goals:

  • Multi-purpose go-to .conf tool.
  • Dependability
  • Simplicity
  • No eternal dependencies (single source file, if possible; or packable as single file.)
  • Stable CLI
  • Good scripting interface for deployment scripts and/or git hooks

Git configuration tweaks

Setup ksconf as an external difftool provider:


[difftool “ksconf”]
cmd = “ksconf –force-color diff “$LOCAL” “$REMOTE” | less -R”
prompt = false
ksdiff = “difftool –tool=ksconf”

Now can run: git ksdiff props.conf Test command: git config diff.conf.xfuncname

Make normal diffs show the ‘stanza’ on the @@ output lines


[diff “conf”]
xfuncname = “^([.*])$”
*.conf diff=conf *.meta diff=conf

Test command:

git check-attr -a – *.conf